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Dear friends,
I have always wanted to share my family's coffee and create a very special coffee experience. Now is the time to make it happen.

Our little farm is located in South India, 1000 meters above sea level on the nilgiri hills. We have been growing Arabica and Robusta beans for over 30 years, with the help of about 40 local farmers. We love the work we do and want to share it with the world. We plan to grow and process the beans at our farm in India and have them shipped to Berlin. In Berlin we partner with local roasters and distribute.

Growing up in a coffee plantation and studying sustainability got me thinking about how to create the world's most transparent coffee value chain. As coffee is the second most traded commodity and the earnings along the value chain are unfairly distributed, though this project I would like to start a constructive dialogue that foster a systemic change.

My theory of change is:
TransparencyTrustDialogue & ParticipationCritical feedbackImproved system

Since we have access to the complete value chain, we have an unique advantage. I am curious to know what you would like to know about our coffee. Rather than making assumptions, I believe understanding your needs is a better way to collect and measure the right data. We plan to outperform all leading standards and disclose everything we know about our coffee and its' value chain. We also want to know what information is meaningful to you and we look forward to improving by setting up an open feedback loop. Please write down anything you would like to know about our coffee/process/business. Any feedback and ideas are also appreciated. Thank you for the support and your time.

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